02C8B: Holiday Game Study

Monday Boonlake

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1143

I'm feeling happily bloated as this long weekend draws to a close. There has been a lot of indulging here and there, especially with all of Tobie's birthday cakes, but hey there's room to live a little. With the new month and the new workweek, I'll do my best to get back on track and fully back in keto after getting dislodged by Friday's wedding. Fun times.

Last night, we ended up going through the rules for a complex board game called Boonlake and played until sunrise. The really heavy games take a while to fully appreciate but get shorter in future plays and even future efforts to teach the game to friends. But before that can happen, we need to bite the bullet and learn it. And a lot of times the manuals alone aren't the best way to appreciate a game, but they're what we all have to work with.

To be fair to the game, it was pretty fun once we better appreciated what the puzzle was. You can read a rulebook so many times but you won't fully understand what a game is really all about until you play through it and probably only at the point of scoring at the end. And that's what last night felt like with this game - for the most part I think we were just doing through the motions and making the most of things but didn't have an actual "plan" for how either of us could win until maybe after the first or second interim scoring round. 

So this really did become a full new games weekend. Even our scheduled RPG session became a chance to test out a new game via video call, so that's something. But I do hope we have more in-person gaming with friends this weekend. We have several RPG sessions scheduled already, but we should still have room for other gaming outside those online sessions.