02C88: Wedding Day

Friday Wedding

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1140

Tobie and I are in our 14th year together, and I recognize that I've attended way more weddings since we got together. Weddings are naturally emotional events and only get more impactful over time. The low-hanging fruit is the fact that Tobie and I are still living in a country where legal marriage isn't even a possibility. That's a given and it always stings a bit, but hey the event isn't our day but for the newlyweds, so best to focus on that.

Today I was thinking along different lines - what our ceremony might be like. We could have some sort of a celebration once we hit 15 or 20 years together that won't be like a wedding, but it could still be a nice opportunity to gather friends and family together. I would like to have a Starfleet Dress Uniform and Tobie could be in something else entirely - I'll let him figure that out. But then there are the complications of who we would invite to something like that between family, friends, work colleagues, O Bar friends, gaming friends, and everyone in-between.

Then I wondered who would even be in my "entourage" as it were, if we paralleled the classic wedding structure. It took me a while to figure out who my "best man" would be and I think I'm sticking to members of my family for these key roles. There are a few important friends in what we consider to be our core group that we'd naturally want to be there, but the big-ticket roles are still hard to fill. The fact that it's so hard to figure out this aspect of such an event says a lot about my life and the people I consider to be close to me. 

Cheesiness aside, Tobie is my best friend and the main person I talk to and confide in. And then there's my immediate family - especially the close bond I have with my sister and her husband. Family is family and all that, but the fact that we work together and talk to one another pretty much every day has really developed our relationship further in recent years. 

Lots of feels today.