02C89: New Games Weekend

Saturday Sariwon

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1141

Our game plans for last night partially fell through. but we still made the most of the night. Fewer players mean more flexibility to learn new games even if that men's playing fewer games in turn. And that has sort of become the theme for the weekend. We learned how to play Maglev Metro and Eternal Palace with a neighbor friend and then Tobie and I continued on by learning Star Trek Super Skill Pinball before bed and then Basilica before dinner. Maybe we'll squeeze in one more new game tomorrow whether before or after our RPG session in the afternoon.

Technically, it's a long weekend and I'm sure everyone's social media feeds are filled with updates from friends who decided to go to this or that beach. That has never been a big thing for Tobie and me and we're totally happy staying in the city during times like these. At most, we just make more game plans given the extra time, but that's about it. Maybe we should plan for travel during long weekends like this...but I also hate traveling during peak periods like this.

But tonight is an O Bar night, so we have to steel ourselves for that first. It's the birthday show of one of the queens, but in a way, it's also an extended part of Tobie's birthday celebration. There has to be some sort of a rule that states that when your birthday falls in the middle of the week, you get to celebrate during both the weekends before and the weekend after. Makes total sense, right?

Upwards and onwards.