02C32: On Komiks and Star Trek Online

Wednesday Salad

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1054

This week's leisure activities include working through all the stuff we purchased at Komiket last weekend. That's a fair amount of reading material and thus far stuff that I've loved the most includes Mel├Ąg: Town of Fables, the solid compilation of Sari-Sari Story, and the English compilation of Patay Kung Patay (Death Be Damned). Local komiks always hit differently - as is the case with a lot of indie work around the world, I'm sure. As much as I predominantly read comic books from the big boys like Marvel and Image more often than not, I do try to save some headspace for indie titles. 

The experience has resulted in me following a few more titles over on Penlab based on the work I've read thus far. Anthologies are great for helping you to discover new creators out there. And it's nice how there are now all these platforms trying to help indie creators get their work out there.

I've been logging into Star Trek Online again this week because it's time for the annual anniversary event and I'm a bit of a creature of habit. I always get lured back into the game when there's a weird new exclusive ship up for grabs. And man, the current event ship is crazy bonkers.

Beyond playing the episodes and season stuff, I've never really gotten into the whole social side of the game. I'm technically part of a Fleet, but I guess I've been a lousy member. I've never actively played the game together with anyone else and I have encountered very few people who have actually played the game. 

It's not a requirement of course, but it seems a little sad. You'd think that the whole point of an MMORPG is to interact with others and yet I've gotten through things by just playing the game like a single-player experience. And you can't blame me - there is SO much content for a solo player. But yeah, it feels like a bit of a shame that I've yet to really explore that side of things. It's just as well, that would eat up a lot more time, I expect.


  1. I'm just happy you have that game as a possible outlet for living your Star Trek fantasies... at least until I'm confident enough to run a whole Star Trek campaign :D


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