02C2E: The Komiket Excursion

Saturday Komiket

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1050

While we were able to play board games with a friend last night, we didn't get to push through with today's gaming plans due to other complications. Instead, Tobie suggested that we visit the Komiket event at Market! Market! We haven't gone to one of these things since before the pandemic started, so it seemed like a nice idea despite the potential crowds. Plus...I really wanted to meet Tarantadong Kalbo.

It was a good day for walking, so we didn't take the car to get to Market! Market! - and I have no regrets here. I really enjoyed the weather. But the whole time I was kind of rehearsing in my head what I wanted to say to him. I even made Tobie bring all three volumes of his comics in case we were going to ask him to sign them...but then I didn't want to just go here for a signature and not buy anything either. 

Long story short, Tobie had to help ease me into this meeting because I was fanboying more than I expected. What was even more endearing was that he actually already remembered me from Twitter and my reviews of his comics on Goodreads. I super love his work - especially his most recent compilation, and I said so wholeheartedly in my review. And he remembered this and super appreciated me sharing my thoughts and that just got me a lot more embarrassed haha. As much as I can feel pretty confident with my words most of the time, all that left me as we stood in front of his table.

We bought another copy of Volume 3 for him to sign and we even got matching shirts for future use. Tobie made sure we got a selfie together and TK also took a selfie with his own phone, which was super cool! I'm a super happy fan and Tobie will get to make fun of me about this in the same way that I've teased him about how he gushed over David Mack a few years ago.

That put me in a really good mood for the rest of Komiket and I think I may have gotten a little liberal with my GCash. I picked up a lot of compilations of various webcomics that I've been following in recent years along with a few other titles of interest that we saw at the event. We bumped into a few familiar faces and went home with a hefty haul of local komiks of all sorts. I'm super going to enjoy pouring over this over the next few weeks.

But that's all the fanboying I can do for now. We have to get ready to head to O Bar for Manza's birthday show, which we're sure is going to be crazy amazing.