02C28: Sunday Organizing

Sunday Eagle-Gryphon Games

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1044

Since today turned out to be pretty free because of my initial calendar mistake, it turned out that we had a lot of free time today. Tobie just had something in the morning, but beyond that, we didn't have scheduled for the bulk of the day. So I had some time to do some yoga first and then we got to do the grocery on a Sunday for a change instead of waiting for Monday after work.

The mall was pretty busy given the Lunar New Year festivities this weekend. We got a little lucky in not taking too long to find parking and the Tobie was able to negotiate a shared table at the food court so we could have lunch before shopping. The real joy was how blissfully stocked SM Supermarket was today. Not only were all the veggies that we needed available, but prices felt more reasonable than how they have been in recent weeks. We picked up a lot more today versus our previous grocery runs this month but the bill was actually lower than our average? I hope this heralds a longer-term shift in commodity prices and not just SM figuring out their supply chain issues, which would be a more localized concern.

Because I'm nearly done re-reading Lost World, we ended up loading the movie as our afternoon entertainment while I proceeded to unbox and sort our copies of Rococo Deluxe and Weather Machine. Last time I did the sorting of On Mars on the day that we were supposed to play, and that ate up a lot of time. Today was no different and I think the movie ended before I had completed organizing both games. 

And now I want to make sure that I read the manual before I attempt to teach the game for the first time. I may have been a little overconfident with On Mars since I mainly relied on How-to-Play videos on YouTube without reading the manual before our game day. Sorting the components helps you learn what is what, and that's just the first step. Properly reading the manual is another big part of the learning process, and Weather Machine's rulebook is a respectable 20+ pages and it includes detailed player guide booklets for everyone. I'm still pretty intimidated by the game as a whole, but I'm also eager to figure out how to play the game and bring it into circulation for our game nights. 

Well, that's the bulk of today. Now we're going to get ready to head out to O Bar tonight.