02C27: Surprisingly Condensed Saturday

Saturday Lost Ruins of Arnak

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1043

Last night's gaming was a lot of fun. We kicked things off with a full session of Lost Ruins of Arnak together with the Expedition Leaders expansion. Then Mitch taught us how to play Parks, which is a game that I've been eyeing for a while but have yet to purchase. And we wrapped things up with an old classic - Fabled Fruit. Man, it has been a while since we last played this pre-Legacy card game.

Our Friday night in-person gaming has become a pretty regular and we certainly look forward to it every week. We've slowly worked our way up the gaming ladder from gateway games like Love Letter to more regular forrays into crunchier fare. And I think we're getting close to mapping out longer-term commitments like tackling a legacy game together. We're starting with committing to work our way through all the cards in Fabled Fruit in order to finally get to the Lime Expansion. Then we'll see where things go from there.

Almost missed the birthday lunch of a friend because I had misunderstood the appointment as being tomorrow instead of today. Thankfully I had woken up early enough despite our late-night gaming and we managed to get there right after the food had been ordered. It's hard to stay keto at a Chinese restaurant, especially when the birthday celebrant had ordered delicious Peking duck cooked three ways. But hey, these days are worth indulging a bit.

Admittedly I'm not quite as hard on myself when it comes to keto as of late - especially after our recent travels together. In the absence of other special events or activities, I'm still strictly adhering to my die.t but when there's a special occasion or we're with particular company, then I sometimes relax a bit. I'm still not gorging on rice and noodles and other simpler carbs, but I won't starve myself and not have any of Peking duck when presented the chance. 

And today's lunch was totally worth it.

Beyond that, we played a quick round of Namiji before we had our Pendragon online RPG session today instead of tomorrow. That leaves our Sunday wide open, so we'll see how that pans out. I think we'll finally sit down and try to figure out how to play Weather Machine or something. We should also get the groceries done tomorrow instead of on Monday since the inventory at the supermarket may be a bit better. But that'll mean going out while all the lunar new year lunches and other festivities will be happening as well. 

We'll see how things go.