02C20: Stuck on Mars

Saturday On Mars Board Game

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1036

I may have been overly ambitious when I thought I was fully ready to teach our friends how to play Vital Lacerda's On Mars and still have time to play another game after. Despite going over several videos on how to play the game and going over the rules, actually teaching the game still took me about 2 hours we've run into numerous questions and clarifications throughout the game.

So our gaming day ended up covering a single game despite lasting about 8 hours, but that's how it is with some games. And Lacerda games always take a playtest to really shake out the kinks and really put all the pieces together. That said, it was still a lot of fun to play the game and I think we'll be able to cut down our overall playtime the next time we go through it. 

And I have to admit that I know I'll be thinking about this game on and off over the next week as I try to pick apart how it works and how I can play better next time.

But O Bar is ahead and we really don't have time for another game tonight.