02C22: Monday Highs and Lows

Monday Pork Steak

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1038

I feel like we're still in the process of fully recovering from the weekend. I lost my Amazon reading streak because of that first On Mars game and I probably didn't pull my weight in Marvel Strikeforce either. I at least kept up with Elevate and Duolingo and have just made it to the 1700th streak day of juggling German and Chinese. And the laundry isn't so scary now, although we still have at least two loads for me to process in the hamper.

We didn't have time to grocery over the weekend, so we squeezed that in tonight after work. The supermarket at SM Aura continues to be rather poorly stocked with things like eggs, local unsalted butter, okra, and non-organic banana chilis (obviously I want to cook sinigang this week) all missing to name a few things. They had onions this week (although we didn't buy any) and I'm used to broccoli being totally hit-or-miss because it's just that sort of a vegetable. But still, it's starting to feel like the early pandemic days when things just started disappearing from shelves entirely. WTF is going on with our supply chain?

In other news, I'm SUPER enjoying my first day on 1Password. The transition from LastPass was surprisingly fast and now it's just a matter of double-checking for any errant passwords saved in my work browser (instead of my previous password manager) and then pretty much changing all my passwords using the new system. Given my LastPast Vault had potentially been compromised in the big breach last year, the smartest thing to do is to update all of them so I start fresh and minimize the risk of something really bad happening. I've naturally started with my high priority stuff like my email and financial accounts and I'll catch up with the others based on how the system has rated the strength of my passwords. 

Now I hope to process some more O Bar videos before bed without sleeping too late again. 

Dang On Mars