02C1B: Sad Grocery Day

Monday Pork Steak

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1031

Today's grocery run was rather disappointing. When we end up shopping after work on a Monday night, we generally expect certain things to be missing. I have a loose idea of what my contributions to the week's menu will be but I only lock things down once I see what's available. For example, I'll first check if there are chili leaves before committing to tinola. Otherwise, we fall back on sinigang.

Our last grocery run had been on New Year's Day, so it only made sense for certain things to be out of stock given the holidays. But today...wow. I'm not sure what's going on with the supermarket at SM Aura, but the shelves were downright depressing today. So many things were out of stock and my menu plans kind of went out the window in favor of whatever staples we can manage with what limited things were available. You couldn't even talk about the price of onions since they had zero onions for sale. 

The cherry on top is that our final bill was still pretty high despite the less-than-satisfactory experience. But the financial side of things has been a rather sad reality in recent months. Our grocery bills feel higher than ever even when we come home with a lot less than what we'd like. What a golden age for basic supplies, eh?

Maybe their suppliers still aren't quite back to normal levels given the holidays or something but the shortages were all over the place from vegetables, eggs, unsalted butter, and other seemingly random things. Hopefully, things will be closer to normal during next week's grocery run. At the very least, I hope for more vegetable options versus what we had to work with today.

We ended the day by watching The Menu on Disney+ and MAN, we really enjoyed that. I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it was totally right up our alley. I'd still recommend it - I just hope more people give it a shot.