02C17: Nice Chill Thursday

Thursday Steak

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1027

We woke up to a nicely chilly morning and it was quite the struggle to get out of bed. In recent years, it feels like January really has become our coldest month of the year (versus previous Decembers, mainly). And today's weather has been most delightful.

Work was good. But Thursdays are typically good days. I still had my share of things to get done but at least it didn't feel particularly stressful or overwhelming. So yeah, mostly a good day on various fronts.

The optical shop had informed me that my new glasses were ready for pickup, but the rain and our one-shot RPG session prevented me from heading out. I figured that I'd do a quick run for it today after work, but Tobie opted to come along so we could have dinner out as well. Nothing really exciting happened here - we got my glasses, they fit, then we had dinner a the food court. If anything, I really do like this new pair - feels lighter and mom said it looks good, so that counts for something.

I also finished re-reading Jurassic Park today and wow, I had forgotten a lot of things about the novel since when I first read it in the fourth grade. It was a fun experience to go through it all again and it almost felt like a new book. Memory fades over time and differentiating between the movie and the book hasn't been as easy as I thought. 

This is part of a larger effort to re-read Michael Crichton's novels and maybe finally read the ones that came after I had moved on to other book series. I had read the bulk of them during my grade school years obviously because of the movie. And then I had to focus on other books - mainly Dune. He was my first author of full-length novels after years of just enjoying Tintin and other comics.

I should have done this ages ago.