02C13: 2023 Day One

Sunday Sashimi

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1023

Welcome to the new year! Everything is new again while still being exactly the same as well. It's just up to us as individuals to define the differences for ourselves.

We're still technically under community quarantine - the last discussions seem to be whether or not to drop the alert level in Metro Manila to 1, which is still technically a community quarantine alert level. The President seems eager to drop health protocol stuff entirely in order to help change our "mindset" about things, but the new surge in China makes one pause.

We got to watch the fireworks at Rockwell with Tobie's family and it was certainly quite a display. It felt like the fireworks were literally right outside the windows of their condo since they had a prime viewing spot for the community's official display. I took snackable videos for my Instagram Stories, because that's the modern thing to do.

O Bar was a lot of fun. We had our core group of friends there and some familiar faces at the bar as well. Most other friends were with family or out of town entirely, but that's okay. The holiday O Bar nights (after Christmas Eve dinner and after New Year's Eve fireworks) always falls back to sort of key individuals. I will always do my best to go to O Bar on these nights as is our tradition because it always feels a bit more intimate somehow.

Today we mostly slept in, which was glorious - although I still got up earlier than Tobie did in order to run some ads for work. We hit the mall for errands and I finally ordered a new pair of glasses since my current pair are super loose after several rough encounters with my nephews. It's a bit of a shame since this was a pretty expensive pair that I haven't had for a year. But hey, such is the price of being the uncle who offers himself as a playmate for toddlers. If anything, I'll be able to keep my current pair as a backup pair and the new pair will become my main set when once they're finished.

We also got some grocery shopping done and we continue to lament how expensive everything is. We're already at the point of looking for onion powder to replace our need for onions while they're crazy expensive, but I guess everyone had that idea as well since the grocery didn't have any in stock. And then we went home to just relax and finally watch the movie adaptation of Matilda the Musical

I hope your first day of the year is going well, too.