02B77: How the Missing Band Was Immediately Replaced

Wednesday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 879    

I can't find my primary resistance band. Since I injured myself during my last few days in Singapore, I took a week off from working out and since then I've been easing myself back into my old workout routine very carefully. Thus today was the first time I even thought about using my band again and I was surprised that I couldn't find it. There's a very big possibility I left it in Singapore but it's also possible that I had just set it aside after the trip and now can't remember where I put it. 

Funnily, Tobie whipped out a set of resistance bands that he had stashed away as a birthday present, which is yet another reminder of how weird our life together is. I could totally argue that Tobie perhaps willed my resistance band away to make his early gift even more perfect. I've stopped questioning these sorts of things at this point. I just accept that we still manage to delight one another in such surprising ways and this enriches our lives even further. 

I still ordered a replacement set of bands to replace the lost one as I had already broken the black (heaviest) band and was down to the blue one anyway. Plus the ones Tobie got are a different style versus the one I'm used to, so there'll be a bit of a learning curve as I integrate them into my workout. Plus Lazada still had 8.8. offers active today, so it was worth a shot.

Beyond this, the weather is super annoying today. It hasn't been raining but it's supposedly a little cooler than it was before the rains. However, the humidity remains very high, so it's not like we can properly enjoy things. That leaves us in a state where it's not hot enough to use the AC without guilt but it's not cool enough for us to say that we're having comfy weather. It's just...sticky.  

My happy distraction today is finally creating custom thumbnails for my YouTube O Bar videos. It started with this Masterclass on making videos that we finished at work that got me thinking that I should try to put a little effort into creating a thumbnail template using Canva. Friends help to refine things and help find a template that worked with my videos and I've been playing catch-up with my channel. The results seem pretty great so far and I'm liking how much better things are looking. 

I'll be happy to at least update all my post-quarantine videos with better thumbnails, but even that feels quite ambitious. I've at least gotten my last batch of videos updated and the current batch gets to start with custom thumbnails from the get-go. Beyond that, it'll probably be prudent to either update my top videos for the year or update the videos featuring O Divas who will be on Drag Race Philippines maybe. Side project!


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