02B65: Limping Saturday

Saturday mynah

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 861

After the rush of last night's award, I woke up his morning with a significant tightness/soreness in my right thigh. The pain is such that I'm now limping all over the place as I walk as it's quite painful to raise the leg significantly or to put weight on it for too long. Whether this is a complication related to yesterday's workout, breaking in my new boots during the event, or having slept with a pillow incorrectly left on my right side (or all of the above) is anyone's guess at this point. But as this was my last full day in Singapore, I didn't want to let this injury get in the way of things. 

I tried to go through a yin yoga flow to hopefully felt stretch out whatever was cramping and it didn't significantly help as I don't think I was able to hit the affected muscles fully. But it still helped me to get on my feet and make it to our different appointments.

First was a hotpot lunch with some former team members. It's always nice to see the "OG Hashtaggers" as we like to call them and get all caught up on all the changes in their lives and their careers and such. We were there for a few hours at least and it was a nice way to cap off this trip.

After that, it was time to get through my usual Singapore checklist items. We first went to Books Kinokuniya and I got...nothing. I mean I could have gotten something for the sake of getting something, but that didn't seem too smart. And then I walked over to Games @ PI and got...nothing as well. And this all felt a little funny, but I guess it also reflects that I was here only a few months ago and things haven't changed enough for me to discover new things we were sort of missing out on.

So for a change of pace, I tried visiting the Toys "R" Us at Paragon and came across some Transformers that had not yet made it to Manila. Some quick math revealed that they were theoretically cheaper even before factoring in the GST refund for tourists, so it felt like a good enough idea to go for it. And when I joined my sister for some last-minute travel-related shopping at Great World City, I found a few more Transformers of interest at the Toys "R" Us there and ended up dashing back to the office for my passport and then back to the mall to get them.

Note all the walking that I've done today - including walking from Orchard back to the office. All this with my somewhat injured leg. Not smart, I know, but I'm a stubborn geek who was still happy to rack up so many steps for the day. 

Now the challenge is how to pack everything for the flight back to Manila. Step one, of course, is getting all these new Transformers out of their boxes so that I can save on luggage space. And then I have to factor in things like the new pair of boots my sister generously got for me for the event and other items we're bringing home for the family. Real-time Tetris time!

But that wraps up this very brief Singapore trip. I know I'm lucky that I was able to fly at all given the constantly shifting circumstances of this ongoing pandemic. But it's trips like this that really help to make things feel a lot more normal if we can even call it that.

See you soon, Manila.