02B70: One Flow at a Time

Wednesday Adobo Lunch

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 872

It's the middle of the week and I'm feeling pretty good. I'm making steady (but not rushed) progress in my efforts to get back into regular workouts - at the very least yoga. I'm still a little nervous about doing the more intense stuff with my resistance bands or weights - one step at a time and all that - or at least I keep reminding myself of that much.

I've already blogged about how injury seems to be a more regular thing for me ever since I started working out. I'm uncertain if the relatively increased frequency is just a natural part of my efforts to somehow elevate my workout intensity over time or if I'm just getting older. And my birthday month is the one time I get to be a bit more maudlin about my age because we like celebrating the anniversaries of many things including complete orbits around the sun.

And to double-down on age-related things, Netflix's Uncoupled came out this weekend and it's not terrible but relatable on many levels given its depiction of different aspects of modern (older) gay life. No one person's experience is universal after all but it's nice when you can relate to certain aspects of media depictions of queer stories.

Tobie and I are in a much better place than the people on the show, of course. And things like this kind of get me reflecting on the fact that we have a great life together and we've been celebrating all the things we have in common for about 13 years now. That's...a long time. That's long even by straight standards. And I'm pretty sure that we're just going to keep going because we can't imagine living our lives in any other way.

Well, maybe we could do with a lot more space than we have now. Everything else is pretty great.

I don't know where I'm going with this. I just got a little weepy because of one throwaway line in the show that was instantly relatable to the unique story of how Tobie and I got together in the first place. And our life together is filled with constant little reminders of...us. And we can never explain it as it all sounds like a bad romcom script at times, but that's just what our life together has been.

And that is always something worth thinking about during a birthday month.