02B6F: About a Fork

Tuesday Pork Chops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 871

Got a lot done at work today. I had a fun mix of different things including media plans, running ads, putting reports together, and attending various meetings, to cite a few things. I still have more things to do as we're still playing catch-up after Friday's company event. Thank the stars for to-do lists to help keep track of things. 

Now time for a quick Sietch Story.

In the interests of convenience, I've arranged things such that we always have a specific number of plates and utensils conveniently on the drying rack Since it's mainly just me and Tobie sharing meals, that means pairs of everything. Two big plates, medium plates, two sauces, and two bowls to start. Then there'd be four forks and four spoons and two butter knives. A nice little set of everything for day-to-day use.

Today over dinner served a fork that didn't match the other utensils. I passed that onto his plate instead of mine (because obviously) but once I washed the dinner dishes, I was surprised to find that we were missing a fork. And we had already lost a number of these forks during our Cubao days. Another reason I would leave out exactly four of each utensil is that matched the number of forks we had left out of a set of 6 (or was it 8?).

So now I'm just annoyed because I don't know how we lost another fork. And we're at a point where now I want to get replacement utensils, but it'll probably mean needing to get a new set just so they'll match. But then what do we do with our older utensils? Makes me want to reboot the whole set just so everything will match again.

Hay. Silly non-problems. 

That's all for now. Work again tomorrow. And more reflecting on that missing fork.