02B6B: A Full 24 Hours

Friday Event Day

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 867

I have a VERY full day today.

The bulk of the day is dedicated to our company summit - a little event we call our "Hashcon" given the company name. We'll have a full slate of team-building activities, internal awards announcements, and a digital marketing hackathon to boot.

Then we'll have a dinner and after party at Tipsy Pig, where I expect a lot of drinking is going to happen. This is the first time that a lot of the team are meeting one another in person for the very first time, so there's a lot of ice to break.

Then Tobie and I will be meeting friends at O Bar as is our current 2-week O Bar cycle. But we're also getting a table in case any of my officemates decide to follow after Tipsy Pig. There were a lot of discussions about going to Nectar instead, but I figured that it would still make sense to give them the option to go in case plans change.

My day started at around 07:00am with a rush to get to the venue by 08:30am. But since we have O Bar in the mix, that means we'll wrap up by around 4am or 5am.

Hoo boy.