02B09: One Bite at a Time

Wednesday Tinola

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 753

It's the middle of the work week and there's still so much going on. We're all juggling a lot of things involving different hats, as it were, and a lot remains left undone. We get through things one at a time in as organized a manner as we can manage and then we just keep going.

Things like Google Tasks have become quite the godsend for helping me organize things. I may not look at my OneNote as often as I should, but at least the Tasks pane is just a click away via Gmail. I typically have my calendar up on the right side so I don't miss any meetings. But once I find myself with some time, then I can go back to my Tasks list and get to work. OR I keep seeing the task reminders on the Google Calendar widget on my phone's home screen. And this is generally how I've organized my life - Tasks for work things, Reminders for home things, and calendars for both sides of my life all feeding into one place. 

But it's not crazy bad. My workdays generally end on time and we're not exactly drowning in tasks or client correspondence, so I can't totally complain. But yeah, there's that desire that work would stop feeling like we're always trying to catch up here and there. We all need more time to think and to be able to deliver our best ideas or focus on new ways to grow the business and make things better. But all this will pass, I'm sure. It's only temporary as we're actively taking steps to address some of the more troubling spots.

And then maybe I'll be able to catch up on my reading. LOL