02B6B: Eaglemoss Losing Life Support?

Wednesday Enterprise-C

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 851    

As of the time of me writing this blog post, the Eaglemoss USA shop page is returning a 404 error and the main UK version of the shop claims to be undergoing maintenance. At the same time, Trek Central has reported that Eaglemoss has filed a Notice of Intention to appoint an administrator, which is sort of like part of the procedure declaring bankruptcy, or at least raising a white flag and saying they need help to find a way forward. This is terribly disappointing news given how they are best known for creating high-quality collectibles for many of the most popular genre fiction franchises out there including Doctor Who, The Expanse, Aliens, Predator, and of course Star Trek.

I first became an Eaglemoss customer went they announced the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection many years ago. It was my first venture into what is essentially model collecting and I knew I was going to create a heck of a storage problem for ourselves given how many ships have appeared across the different Star Trek shows and movies. But Tobie was in full support of me celebrating this passion and since then we've had to deal with 2+ ships arriving every month. 

It'll be quite heartbreaking if Eaglemoss officially closes shop. I've really enjoyed their figures and while I still can't figure out how to display them all, I love my Star Trek starships that are all over the Sietch. They had only recently gotten started on their line of models for The Expanse and I totally love my two versions of the Rocinante that are now part of our collection. 

It's a little bewildering to me that things are going so badly for them given the many high-profile licenses they hold. Then again, it's not like those merchandising rights were given to them for free and one can only hope that this is not quite the end for the company. As it stands, I have maybe 4 different ships that I had pre-ordered but still haven't arrived, so I'm not going to lose too much if they just say it's all over. 

But more than any items owed based on purchases, I'll be sadder if my fellow collectors and I never get to complete our collections more than anything else. I'm glad that I never signed up for their weird build-a-figure subscriptions that involve waiting months before completing something models for things like the ECTO-1 (from Ghostbusters) or the DeLorean (from Back to the Future). 

For now, we can only wait for more official information and hope for the best. Eaglemoss themselves haven't made any formal announcements about their future, which is another troubling indicator in all this.