01842: Finding Spacedock

When Tobie encouraged me to sign up for the Eaglemoss Star Trek The Official Starships Collection subscription series, I knew that I was going to run into a bit of a problem further down the line. With at least 2 new ship models issued every month and with over 70 models planned for the entire collection, storage was going to become an inevitable problem. And it's not like I'm not already challenged with trying to store my Transformers, my books and all our other collectibles here at the Sietch.

Thus far the ships all live in the boxes that they came in. I've taken the time to examine a ship or two at my leisure, delighting in the detail of one, taking photos, then putting them right back as they were. But as it stands, the once neatly organized box now has an accompanying stack of ships that no longer fit. And there are more t come, all waiting to make the passage over here at Tobie's brother's place (a man who has generously agreed to receive all ships month after month).

As much as I'd enjoy displaying them, I know that they're just going to get all dusty really quick. And some of them are pretty darned delicate - my Bajoran Solar Sailor did not survive the passage across the Pacific all too well and one of its larger sails snapped off in transit. I'm still in search of a professional who can repair it well so as to generally maintain the quality of the figure. I could try shipping it back to Eaglemoss, but I suspect the nature of the damage here may be beyond my coverage. Plus it will take forever and a day to get it back only to risk it getting damaged again.

The ships are quite exquisite and I don't foresee wanting to put them on display until I can have a proper sealed glass case built for them. They deserve a proper home and for now their storage boxes may be the best option. I'm thinking of clearing out one of the old plastic bins that used to hide my Transformers under the old bed. In this case I think they'll serve a nobler purpose of keeping these ships safe - and that's better than hiding geekery out of view I suppose.

A final display solution will come in time - perhaps once we've found a more permanent residence that we can truly call our own. In the meantime, I'll just need to be a little more creative in terms of how I'm storing these things.