02B65: More Good Television

Thursday Dinner

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 845

We're one episode away from the finale of Vincenzo and this show continues to surprise me. Almost every episode has ended on a pretty intense cliffhanger and every time the way things resolve in the next episode ends up being surprising yet still satisfying. There's really something rather different about the way Koreans craft their television shows that is kinda blowing my mind.

And this is not to say that every single show that the Koreans create is guaranteed to be a success. We've been lucky to limit ourselves primarily to shows that everyone recommends to us with our negative experiences being the new stuff we explore on our own (ugh, The Silent Sea). But there is a shape to their stories and the way they introduce and resolve plots that make for rather satisfying television. And I'm happy to continue to explore their content with Tobie in the many months and years to come.

On the topic of good television, I've already talked about the return of Only Murders in the Building but now I need to ramble a bit more about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

We just finished watching the season finale, A Quality of Mercy, and MAN that was such a good episode and a great way to cap off what is officially (at least in my book) the greatest single season of Star Trek EVER. The team behind this show not only managed to give us pretty solid character-focused stories despite an episodic show structure but also used that episodic structure to explore different narrative genres in an amazing way. We had light-hearted stuff and downright scary stuff and a LOT of deep cut Easter eggs that are a delight for fauns to find but not wonky and awkward such that it would get in the way of things for the unfamiliar. 


I'm already looking forward to re-watching this season alongside Lower Decks probably while we all eagerly await their second season.