02B34: Strange New Love

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 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 796

We're only at the third episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and I'm terribly in love with the show. Sure, it's more episodic than serial in structure, but it doesn't mean it's a throwback series similar to the original series or the Berman-era Treks. And what makes things very different is how they've been focusing organically weaving character development into each episodic story. 

The show hasn't fallen into the trap of making everything focused on the big three character structure like Kirk-Spock-Macoy or Picard-Riker-Data (if you buy into that). Instead, we've had the various episodes shifting focus around different sets of characters - something we haven't gotten in other Treks even the more recent Discovery

And seriously, all three episodes that have already come out have been AMAZING. This is some of the best Trek we've gotten in a while without the need to have them face a galaxy-spanning threat from the get-go. Instead, we have some pretty isolated cases - a first contact situation that went wrong, an alien artifact on an asteroid, and investigating a lost alien colony. But they all come together to give us great Star Trek-style mysterious to solve along with some great human (or at least character) stories. 

It has become the highlight of every week and definitely my favorite Star Trek release of 2022 versus the likes of Discovery and Picard