02B64: Mid-Week Checklist Items

Wednesday Pasta

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 844

I'm so happy that Only Murders in the Building is back. We were late to get on board this particular train, but Tobie and I really enjoyed the first season. And we were happily surprised that the show was coming back with a second season this year. And here we are with three episodes to go catch up on tonight before bed.

We've been trying to sleep earlier since Tobie's workday starts earlier as well. This has helped me make a bit more time for compound workouts. Today I did a HIIT routine from the Nike Training Club library and then a restorative yoga flow for mobility and cooldown. Not all that excited about the workouts I did, but at least it's something. And I'll continue to try to do more with the time that I have. 

Back on the TV front, we're also close to the end of Vincenzo and the show has proven to be a lot more enjoyable than expected. The premise was weird - about a Korean-Italian mafia member who returns to Korea - but it oddly works. And it just goes to show that these Korean shows are quite impressive in how they manage to deep-dive into any topic and create a story around it. And this exploration of telling a mafia-related story still has more of a Korean feel than a Godfather feel - which totally works.

This makes me want to find time to watch Money Heist in order to better appreciate what changes might have been made with Money Heist: Korea. By that virtue, might be fun to watch the Korean version of the shows we enjoyed like Suits and Leverage because the way they tell stories is pretty darn fascinating. Totally have no regrets about joining the Korean entertainment wave in this manner haha

We're now past the middle of the workweek. Onwards to the weekend!