02B62: Ongoing Quarantine Adaptations

Monday Pork Chops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 842

We didn't get to watch this year's Virgin Labfest in person despite our best efforts to snatch tickets when they were made available online. It can't be helped - this was the first in-person VLF since the pandemic began, so naturally, demand was very high for the limited show slots. Thankfully, they planned out this year's event as a hybrid one, with all 12 VLF one-act plays available online for a limited time. I took the plunge and committed to the full festival pass and now Tobie and I have 48 hours to watch all 4 sets of plays outside of working hours. 

It feels like a most worthwhile challenge, one that we're wholeheartedly diving into. In previous years, it would be a rarity for us to be able to watch more than one set, and to have the option to watch the entire set is a great one. Watching at home will never feel the same as watching such raw productions in person, but it's still something to be valued. 

I'm going to be flying to Singapore again in a few weeks. It'll be a much shorter trip this time around in order to address a few work things. I'm always going to look forward to these trips because it does feel like going back to the old sense of normalcy. Plus there's something about Singapore that makes it feel a lot more safely relaxed versus back here, but that's mainly because of the prevalent mindset in the community. Let's just hope nothing goes crazy between then and now - which is not something to dismiss given the ongoing pandemic and our (lack of a) response.

I wanted to catch Everything Everywhere All At Once in the theater with Tobie, but the screening schedule appears to be shorter than expected. While I'm happy that we watched the movie at all, I really would have enjoyed sharing the experience with Tobie. That movie is just so darn good. I'd still want to make time to watch it versus catching the new Thor movie on its opening weekend. 

Just more efforts to do things like we used to despite the pandemic. Throw in us trying to figure out how to get back to more real-life tabletop gaming and these are all our geeky modern signs of the world trying to heal. 

And yes, I remain aware of the COVID-19 case numbers.