02B2C: Momentary Coffee Crisis

Wednesday Adobo

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 788

Today's blog is not election-related. There's nothing else we can do about that for now

After another walk around BGC as today's exercise, I had accidentally destroyed the nozzle of our existing Hanabishi 2-in-1 coffee grinder and coffeemaker when the lid slipped out of my hand. We tried to super glue it back into place to see if that would work, and it did for one pot of coffee. But as Tobie had predicted, the heat of the machine was sufficient to melt the glue again so it ended up fusing with the rest of the assembly. It was worth a shot.

As much as I've worked to limit our coffee intake to about 2 mugs a day, not having a working coffeemaker is not something I can deal with. I was able to fall back on the Dripo iced-drip coffee maker for my afternoon cup, I knew we'd need a replacement machine ASAP. We don't even stock instant coffee at the Sietch because I really prefer freshly brewed coffee. 

This became a bit of a distraction for me throughout the workday - especially since I've been weighing getting a Delonghi machine since before the pandemic. But as the end of the day approached, I was pretty settled with the idea that I would walk over to Abensons, see if they had it in stock and if I could get it on installment. I've had the machine in my Lazada wishlist for literally years at this point, but it never goes on sale for more than 3% during those mega sale days.

Long story short - I got it. It wasn't on sale and the discount they had offered had I gone for a straight credit card payment wasn't worth the stress, so I contented myself with getting it on installment. But what's more important is that we have it now and it's glorious. As stated in the manual, the first 4 or so cups weren't great (the first was undrinkable), but by the end (and we did get to 4+ cups), I was pretty happy with it. 

We're all set for tomorrow.

Was this an impulsive, extravagant purchase? Oh sure. But given how this week has gone, I think a little retail therapy was more than justified. And as we're starting to have guests at the Sietch again, I feel totally empowered to have this to make serving coffee a lot easier versus the very limited capacity Hanabishi unit. It's as good a rationalization for the purchase as any and I'm going to stick with it.