02B26: Getting Used to Home Again

Thursday Pasta

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 782

After the Labor Day/Hari Raya long weekend and a full day of travel stress, I was right back at work today. It wasn't quite full-on post-holiday madness - I somewhat dodged some of that by being on a plane yesterday. But things did start with several meetings and a need to settle my reports and such. The sooner I can port more of our regular reports to Whatagraph, the easier my life will be in the long term. 

While juggling calls, I managed to make decent progress on some of those reports. I have the basic framework established and I've managed to implement it for two different accounts - at least for the regular stuff. It shouldn't be too difficult to use the same framework for more one-off stuff like campaign-specific reports versus my always-on stuff. And then we get to automate things moving forth! This is all so nerdily exciting for me hahaha

In terms of the little things today, I was able to cook lunch for me and Tobie in-between meetings. It wasn't anything fancy - just my go-to mushroom pasta that makes an appearance at least once during the workweek. But given I didn't cook anything while in Singapore, it was nice to get back into the groove of things.

Observation: It's weird how being away from home for a while creates a need to re-acclimate yourself with your own space again - and it's not just because Tobie set up a new shelf for different collectibles. It starts with transitioning away from living out of a suitcase by unpacking stuff and repopulating your clothes drawers and stuff. And then there's the need to re-adapt to my routines like my workouts and my steps. As much as these have been a regular part of my life for years now, I still feel a wee bit off, mainly because I had a very different space to work with in Singapore and alternate equipment options, among other things.

But I will miss the option to hike more regularly with the likes of Fort Canning Park just 20 minutes away on foot. But BGC isn't exactly bereft of options either. I just have to make things work.

One more work day tomorrow. And then we have a pretty interesting weekend ahead.