02B25: Travel Fatigue

Wednesday Airline Food

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - 781

Travel really takes a lot out of you - whether domestic or international. Today's flight home was just about 4 hours but all the pomp and circumstance before and after resulted in me losing most of today. I don't know what was more draining - getting into the plane, getting past Philippine quarantine & immigration, or the taxi ride home. Hello again, Metro Manila.

I actually had to catch up on some work things before being able to fully relax, but thankfully I was able to square those away after dinner and still had time to enjoy some shows with Tobie. Plus he had cooked a classic Tobie dinner in the form of a roast chicken and it's nice to be back at the Sietch.

I can't tell if the weather has just gotten hotter in general or I've been spoiled by almost always being in an air-conditioned environment while in Singapore. It definitely feels warmer now than back in April when I left, but this is also the shift into the full summer months and even Singapore was quite warm in the daytime. 

I really need to catch up on sleep as I still have to get through two more work shifts. Tempted to turn on the AC for the night, but we'll see how this goes. At least I've washed at least one load of laundry (mainly Tobie's stuff that had collected over the past few weeks) and I have another one scheduled to run while we sleep.

More talking/blogging tomorrow.