02837: Reminders vs Tasks vs Checklists

So I'm still trying to figure out my intended refinements of my productivity routines while leveraging the different tools available to me. My primary efforts are tied to Google Calendar and Microsoft OneNote with other supporting applications.

Google Calendar is central because I do actively use it for work (as we're a G Suite company) and for tracking our gaming obligations. On a personal note it comes into play for tracking our theater and movie plans and even birthdays (especially when they're not listed on Facebook). The former Google Inbox Reminders still exist here and I find to be a useful feature for tracking one-off stuff like reminders to pick up the laundry. Google Tasks remains a little too isolated for me and requires a separate app to be installed for mobile although tasks with a date and time assigned to it do seem to appear on my calendar as well. So the Reminder function is winning out in that respect.

I'm still pretty invested in MS OneNote because how it organizes things into notebooks and such and I'm now creating dynamic checklists to track my tasks and accomplishments per day. It's funny how I start the day with maybe 2-3 big things on my list in terms of what I hope to accomplish and I end the day with 3 times more tasks that came up organically throughout the day. I'm liking the habit and it's helping me keep better tabs of where my time at work ends up getting spent on.

I realize I've missed this sort of daily note-taking at work. I used to do this more during my more corporate call center years since lugging around a physical notebook was a weird habit that everyone was doing. My shift to digital on the whole took away some of the more public "allure" of the habit but it has largely worked out for me. But I fell off the wagon when I had more control of my time and started having a lot more fun at work, I guess. Now I'm trying to strike a new balance in order to enhance my productivity.