02B08: Side Effects

Tuesday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 752    

No crazy Fitbit steps today. That represents a significant improvement versus yesterday. 

I'm not at least 15 books behind the reading pace needed to finish my 365 book goal for the year. I can't quite seem to get back on this particular horse for some reason. And it's not like I'm not reading. I still squeeze in time to read a few pages of whichever novel or comic book I'm working through. But I just feel generally slower as of late - or I'm just not making enough time for reading somehow? 

I've fallen behind my reading goals in the past and I eventually double down and recover. I just haven't quite gotten to that point given how busy things continue to be at work. Maybe the impending Singapore trip will somehow open up more reading possibilities. Or maybe I'll just fall further behind. 

I face a similar struggle when it comes to keeping this blog updated. It shouldn't take this much effort to unload my thoughts at the end of another day, but I often find myself struggling. Am I just tired? Am I censoring too much of my life in order to avoid saying the wrong thing or offending a friend or family member? Or maybe I'm just running out of words?

A lot of the signs just point to me being tired. There's always so much to do and we're almost always trying to keep up. It's big things like the book I want to finish reading quickly. Or other items like the fact I still haven't finished my character sheet for the new game we're starting on Sunday. Or it's the photo and videos from our last O Bar night that I still need want to process. Always more things to do.

I'll figure it out another day.