02B06: Destination Singapore

Sunday Cat

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 750

We had online TRPG sessions scheduled for both yesterday and today, and that took up most of our weekend. I did get to add in some atypical activities, like finally getting a foot spa again after so long while Tobie was at the grocery. My last one had been back in June before the big lockdown. Since then I've been trimming my own toenails (of course) and occasionally scrubbing down my calluses with a scrub that Tobie had gotten for me. That helped keep things relatively manageable but continued at-home workouts have contributed to the continued callus development. I feel for the person who worked on my feet - that felt like a LOT of work. The end result feels a lot better, but Tobie's feet are still way smoother than mine. 

To replace an at-home workout, I ended up walking around BGC after my foot spa appointment. One thing led to another and I walked a good 5km in an hour and finally saw a lot of these different parts of Bonifacio High Street that keep popping up on Instagram. It just goes to show how infrequently we go out or at the very least how we don't really look around BGC as much as we used to.

In other news, been kind of stressing out over the impending family trip to Singapore. I'm sure the process in itself should be simple enough, especially with Singapore relaxing a lot of its previous restrictions this month. The complications stem more from little things like the need to finalize our actual travel dates, booking those flights, and then settling the other requirements like pre-departure COVID-19 testing. If things come together, we should be in Singapore in time for Holy Week - which is this coming Sunday. The race is on!

I am also a little worried about how the trip will impact other plans. Even with our RPG sessions being online, I may get involved in different family activities during the weekends while in Singapore, which is only fair since it'll be our first time out of the country in so long. And then no matter how I look at things, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be back in Manila in time for Tobie's birthday unless we shave a whole week off of the trip. Tobie keeps telling me that it's okay, but of course, I still feel guilty. Hopefully, we can arrange something remote to sort of make up for things. 

But step one is finalizing flight dates. Let's not incorrectly position carts and horses and all that.