02B01: Tuesday Turbulence

Tuesday Curry

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 745

March is coming to an end and I'm still over a dozen books behind pace for my reading goal. I haven't been able to keep pace with things and all the changes to comiXology have certainly not helped things along. Things have been busy enough at work that I don't have as much time to juggle reading something while waiting for a report to resolve or something and I'm barely keeping up with my steps given all the different meetings. Good problems to have and all that.

Tobie has also been pretty very busy - so much so that we opted to not schedule any Baduy Pride episodes this week just to give us some breathing room. 

Along those lines, I've been trying to take some time for board games for me and Tobie. Nothing too involved given the nature of the workweek. But we've been able to dive back into different escape room-style games as Tobie and I get to work together on them and they typically about an hour or so to complete.

My new headphones arrived today - and they're pretty swell. I haven't considered a Jabra headset in ages as the last time I had even thought about the brand was back in my BPO days when a lot of managers had gotten those in-ear dongles. the pair I got is delightfully comfortable on the ears, which is the main reason I needed to get a new pair. They're a little tighter on the top of my head, but it's not a significant enough issue versus how the older pair literally caused the ears of my glasses to cut into my ears. So that was a good purchase, at least. 

Maybe I'll talk about Bridgerton tomorrow.