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Dune Imperium

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 680

On the workout front, I've been slowly easing back into my previous level of activity given my recent bout with back pain. To that end, I've only done yoga for the past few days with the moderate addition of some bodyweight exercise today. It took a bit of effort to get through to the end of this first set, so I can tell that I'm not quite 100%. Then again, I was doing a lot of weights and resistance band work before this incident and had skipped these circuit training-style bodyweight sets for a while. There's probably a better balance of these more cardio-driven strength routines that I can continue to incorporate apart from the weights and resistance work. 

I'm just glad to be working out again. My weight has been creeping up past the 80kg mark ever since I took a break for my back and I'd like to get back on track to lose these pounds again. 

I had sort of set goals for the weekend last Friday, and I think we've actually managed to get through most of them. I had talked about things like playing Spirit Island and making my book-related TikTok videos yesterday, but the past 24 hours have involved a significant amount of Dune Imperium, to help round up my list. It started with me and Tobie playing a round with our physical copy of the game last night so we could test out the new miniatures added to the game. And then today we played a round online via Tabletop Simulator because we couldn't push through with our Pendragon game

It still surprises me how much I enjoy this game. We totally underestimated it the first time we had heard that the folks behind Clank! were making a Dune-related game. We still didn't fully appreciate it when we played through our first session either. But with more plays, I've really come to appreciate the complex relationships within the game and how it all results in a uniquely fulfilling game experience that totally lives up to the Dune legacy.

I'm glad that Tobie still got us a copy even if I was very lukewarm about it at first. And I love him even more for getting the Deluxe Upgrade Pack that makes our copy feel like a "proper" Dune game instead of something with a lot of colored wooden cubes. I'm just sad that this is one of the games that got added to our collection in the middle of the pandemic quarantine period. We haven't exactly gotten to play a lot of it in person because of the circumstances. 

There'll be time enough for that in our post-pandemic future, of course. We just have to be very, very patient to get to that point. 

Now I just need to get more reading done. I finished a comic and a skinny paperback today, but there are more territories to conquer - especially since I'm still behind for my reading goal.