02ABE: Weekend Goal Setting

Friday Pork Chops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 678

I feel like has been running full tilt since the start of the year. It's not an unreasonable about of work or anything, but just a lot of things in motion and a lot of different efforts that we need to keep tabs on. There are key submissions left and right, lots of unexpected developments, and other "fun" things - or whatever we want to call them. But we continue to keep pace with things as best we can and do our best to plot a path forward. 

And at the very least, we do have a bit of a break to look forward to because of the longer Chinese New Year holiday in Singapore. Even just a few days away from all this will be a welcome respite from things. Then it'll be back into the grind again.

So I'm super appreciative of other things that make work feel less work-focused. Like today was our monthly online game night where I typically host Jackbox Party game sessions for the team at work. We only play for an hour but it's still something I look forward to every month even if the number of attendees can be rather erratic in line with whatever deadlines are keeping folks busy just before the weekend. 

The weekend is properly upon us and we're just staying home, of course. We have two different online RPG sessions scheduled for the weekend and we'll be getting Tobie his booster shot (finally!) in the morning. I hope the shot doesn't knock him out for any of the games, but we'll just have to play things by ear.

Other things I want to get done this weekend include: (1) creating TikTok videos for my end of year reading update and my January reading update for Booktok, (2) properly learn how to play Spirit Island with Tobie, (3) play a round or two of Dune Imperium with the added benefit of our new Update Pack minis, and (4) catch up on my reading pace as it's a new year with a new 365-book reading goal to achieve.

Let's see how much ground I can cover this weekend.