02AB7: Weekend Pain

Friday Adobo

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 671

So the "back pain" is probably a bit more than back pain - or maybe it's inaccurate to state it's just about my back. It starts somewhere in my back but twists through my body and ends somewhere near my side. I can walk around well enough and I can work seated, but it's when I try to transition between different positions that proves to be the real challenge. When I twist ever so slightly in the wrong direct, it feels like there's this massive cramp-like spasm that rushed through my torso that makes me freeze in position in the hopes that I don't move or twist further into whichever direction caused the pain to begin with.

I've more or less figured how to sit down without hurting myself further and how to very gingerly get out of my seat without causing my body to seize in pain. I still had bad moments during this process, but I've practiced enough this week to figure out how far I can push as far as sitting down goes.

Getting in and out of bed has proven to be the real challenge. There's something naturally twisty about getting into bed - or maybe into any other position that involves a lower center of gravity like that. I've tried a few variations but none work out perfectly well, which is pretty frustrating. The first challenge is getting into bed with the harder one being how to get into a properly comfortable position without twisting too much. And maneuvering yourself in bed turns out to be a very twisty process.

I'm trying to be patient. This will pass in time without enough rest and warm compresses. I'm also limiting myself to steps for physical activity, so I'm not even allowing myself yoga since that may aggravate things. I wish there was something else I could to do speed my recovery along. It is the weekend after all, I'd like to be able to rest in peace without causing myself to seize in pain. Only time will tell at this point.