02442: The End of the Clone Wars

Star Wars The Clone Wars Finale

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 54

We finally watched the last two episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 and that was quite the ending. Those last four episodes were essentially the only real reason this revival was so in-demand at all. I appreciated seeing "The Bad Batch" fully-rendered versus the rough animatics we got before and the second arc centered around Ahsoka in the underbelly of Coruscant was a nice bit but not the strongest part of this revival. It's "The Siege of Mandalore" that really stands out as a beautiful sendoff for this series.

There's a lot of talk about getting more Clone Wars episodes beyond this, which I recognize to be a financial possibility if you get my drift. But if we do not get any more episodes for this series, this is as good a place as any to leave things behind. It's certainly a heck of a lot better versus where we originally left off when the series had first been canceled. 

I'll admit that we had to resort to more creative means to watch this final season. I was hoping to wait for Disney+ to officially launch in the country in order to watch this show properly. But yeah, one thing led to another and here we are. But should the streaming service finally come, I'm still going to want to sign up and watch the full run of Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels in one long strong to better appreciate Ahsoka's entire arc across the two shows because I love her so much. 

The quarantine remains to be a regular source of stress for everyone, but it's the little geeky things like these that help make things a little more bearable. Now if only the celebration of geeky interests would be sufficient to also help combat the terrible heat of this summer season. 

Thank you, Dave Filoni. My heart is full.