02686: Dave Filoni Is A Fan God

There's no other way to say this succinctly - Star Wars The Clone Wars is BACK. And no many how many other discussions took place between different folks over at Lucasfilm, we're all going to repeatedly thank Dave Filoni for this return.

There are few folks in a position of leadership for crafting new Star Wars stories that have as much love and support at Dave Filoni these days. He was the supervising director for Star Wars: The Clone Wars and pretty much shaped the complex narrative of that series and went on to direct Star Wars: Rebels. He has stepped up to head all of Lucasfilm animation projects and has demonstrated a unique perspective on the franchise as he too is a fan and now has a role in shaping its future. Thus he is able to marry elements of the Legends side of the Star Wars lore with the new canon defined by these shows.

This is a guy that a lot of us Star Wars fans now trust implicitly to give us great stories that expand the new canon universe with fulfilling characters. We had our doubts when Clone Wars began but he won over a lot of us since then and Rebels again demonstrated that he knows how to tell great stories that are accessible to new fans yet worthy of celebration for old ones.

Bringing back the Clone Wars, even just for 12 episodes, is more than we had ever expected after years of Filoni telling us about his plans for the series when it was cancelled. The acquisition of the Star Wars franchise by Disney had resulted in the end of the old Expanded Universe and forced Clone Wars to end prematurely in order to shift all projects to Disney properties. The release of these episodes will hopefully bring to life the stories we had heard so much about across various interviews and panels with Filoni and give him and everyone who has loved the show a greater sense of closure. A proper ending to close this chapter of our fandom.

I'm super excited about where this might go. I'm excited to see if the stories will be as awesome as we had felt they were over the years. And this is all gravy on top of the continuing direction of Lucasfilm animation. In Filoni We Trust.

I know I'm just being overly giddy. I'm still reeling from the prospects of this announcement and really I'm just a happy Filoni animation fan.