02737: Stumbling Start to the Trip

I really ought to head to bed as I've only had about 2 hours of sleep today given the travel to Bangkok. Most of the day was spent involved in travel with our only real excursions involving helping my brother get checked into his service apartment a few blocks from our hotel and having a proper meal at the mall that defines the base of the hotel where we're staying. I suspect that as a family we won't travel too far away from the hotel for one reason or another but on the whole, it'll still be a fun trip.

One our note - in my sleep-deprived state I seem to have misplaced my Kindle. I'm now worried that I may have left it on the plane or in the vehicle we had hired for our airport transfer. Hopefully, it's just somewhere in the hotel room and I just don't remember where I put it away. If not, maybe the cabin crew found it while cleaning the plane? I really hope I didn't leave it there or in our airport transfer, but anything's possible at this point given how tired I am. I know I'm not at my best at the moment.

I don't want this to be a damper on the trip as a whole. At the end of the day, it's just a device and I can get a new one eventually. I can still read my Kindle books on my phone so there's that flexibility as well. It's annoying that it happened but I can generally accept that these things do happen and there's no point in dwelling on the matter for too long.

Coincidentally, it's during this same trip that my Fitbit strap broke so I won't be able to accurately track my step data until my replacement straps get delivered towards the end of this week and it definitely means no heart rate or sleep data will be measured and recorded as well. Gah! So weird that all this is happening at the same time.


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