0275E: Real Life Tamagochi

During the recent 11/11 sales I finally indulged by getting myself a Fitbit. My watch was already looking pretty beat up and it seemed like a good time to consider some wearable technology. It ties into my ongoing fitness goals that started on the keto diet in September.

Admittedly, I didn't have a clear plan for what I wanted to do with my Fitbit data once I got started. I'm generally nerdy enough to want more data and explore the possible implications but didn't quite have a plan in mind. But now that I've had a few days to play around with it, there are some definite areas of interest.

First there's the whole step tracking, which is what a lot of people get into. I've never been too focused on my level of activity from day to day but I know I spend a LOT of time on front of a conputer. My Fitbit is able to track such periods and starts building all these colorful charts that show just how inactive I am, which is quite the guilt trip. So I don't think I'm anywhere near seriously considering my step goals, especially during the weekend, but I did enable the function that nudges me when I haven't hit 250 steps per daytime hour so I get off my butt and at least pacing.

The second area that had me curious was the whole sleep tracking function that breaks down how your sleeping habits are like. I know that my efforts to juggle all of our geekery has resulted in way too many nights reading in bed even after Tobie had fallen asleep but now I have hard data on what's going on andnhow little I'm actually sleeping. It's a little jarring and gaming weekends are particularly jarring as we're burning the candle on both ends. But I'll see what I can do about fixing things in this area.

Then I'm hoping to get back ito working out as I've gotten very negligent when it comes to my yoga efforts. I even tried the Fitbit Coach app to see what they could recommend but the free service is a little too bare bones and I'm not ready to invest in the premium service. At the very least I can restart my yoga routine and see what data I can collect via the Fitbit.

On the whole, perhaps this device will help me step up my fitness game in terms of my general level of activity and help give my weight loss efforts the kick it needs as my keto losses have certainly slowed past the 20 pound mark.