02850: Old Adventuring Friends

My recent bout of adventure game nostalgia resulted in me finally trying to play through Sam & Max: Save the World, which was the first Sam & Max game published by the now-defunct Telltale Games. I had hurried downloaded copies of all the Telltale games that I owned around the time of the studio's massive layoffs and eventual shutdown but hadn't actually played them all. So I still have quite a ways to go to get through them.

But again, nostalgia and honest curiosity had me wanting to play even the older Telltale stuff, hence digging up this nugget of a title. It was one of their first (if not the first) episodic release for a game that worked out and you can really feel how the game has more in common with the older adventure games of the '90s than Telltales later projects like Wolf Among Us or The Walking Dead. It'll be curious to see how things evolve across the "seasons" of the Sam & Max games as it's a fixed point from which to measure things.

But yeah, I've played through three episodes so far and the game feels pretty raw. They only managed very limited locations for the players to explore and the puzzles are interesting but not necessarily all that challenging if you've played any of the older adventure games. There are some good old dialog-tree navigation puzzles and a lot of inventory puzzles but the game only provides you with a limited quantity of bits and pieces to play with at a time in order to keep things streamlined I suppose. Still pretty fun and I've missed the quirky, dry humor of this unlikely pair of somewhat heroes.

It's the usual irony of how I end up having more time to play computer games whenever I'm out of the country haha. But that doesn't mean I'm not missing my tabletop gaming fun at the same time. I'm only out for a week but it still means fewer games than normal.