0284D: Shared Detective Time

I've recently started exploring the YouTube channel of Pushing Up Roses, which covers a lot of pop culture nostalgia. More importantly, she shares my love for classic adventure games and her channel features a lot of videos talking about a lot of different ones.

Watching her videos had got me all nostalgic for a game that wasn't in any of her videos - this being The Lost Case Files of Sherlock Holmes. It's sort of funny that they mentioned "files" because of the developers being ambitious about the game becoming a bigger series when there are only two games in the franchise. My sister and I extensively played the first game, this being The Case of the Serrated Scalpel.

That was one of our things while growing up. We played a lot of adventure games together as a shared experience. It led to a lot of discussions and even arguments over what to do next,  but still, it was a fun way to share time and I enjoyed those long sessions in front of the computer.

I can't remember if we ever finished this game. It was a very tricky one but it nicely captured different aspects of the Holmes stories including the need to perform Victorian forensic science on evidence through the use of Holmes' chemistry set among other things. But man, it was a really rewarding experience and our recent exposure to Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. Both games use the map of London as a primary element and both have you looking around for clues that open up new locations and thus new suspects and maybe new evidence.

I did a quick check and the game isn't available on Steam of GOG, so there will be no PC-based sleuthing for me in the new future. But who knows, something may come along.