0276E: Geeky Guide Hiatus

Queue on hold indefinitely

It feels a little weird to me that I haven't written any blog posts for the Geeky Guide this week. As part of my commitment to take a break and really think about what I want to do with the blog, I'm trying to free up more time for other activities. And that's just as well given recent family concerns that have required a healthy investment of my time into something that matters a heck of a lot more. The blog is still a passion for me but I do recognize that it has largely been swallowed up by reviews alone and not much else.

Initial thoughts center around possibly taking more time to write more thoughtful articles that are more about my opinion on larger things and not just within a review format. It will definitely mean fewer posts on the blog versus my old 5 posts a week schedule but if the writing becomes more fulfilling, then it should work out.

And then there's the question of my creative writing that I really hope to pick up again somehow. Tobie has been prompting me over and over again because he's a great boyfriend and I want to be able to fulfill that desire as well. Hopefully I'll find some time over the holidays to start something significant.