02769: Dietary Limitations

I'm currently researching how to make the most of a diabetic-friendly diet that is also low in sodium to help the family eat better. While my on-going keto efforts have helped me get pretty creative in the kitchen, this special diet is is a lot trickier to figure out. Salt is so omnipresent in modern cooking and it's kind of shocking to learn that you're really only really supposed to have about a teaspoon of salt a day. I'm not even that severe with my keto cooking.

It's not going to be easy but I am going to do my best to figure stuff out. I foresee getting more creative with other herbs and spices to improve the resulting flavor profile even without going back to the stronger flavors of salt, soy sauce and the like.

If you folks have suggestions or ideas on what to prepare, do let me know. My family will be grateful for the help.