02D41: Washing Machine Shuffle

Thursday - Mushroom Keto Pasta

They pulled out our washing machine for repairs today and the tech fished out the outer ring of a P20 coin from the lint filter. So it's pretty clear that this was the coin that cracked the drum as (1) the outer ring had been completely separated from the inner coin and (2) the outer ring had been twisted into a pretzel. So I guess the hot water softened the coin and the spin cycle turned it into a weird boomerang-bullet thing. I promise to be extra, EXTRA careful with pocket inspection moving forward. I don't want to have to go through all this again.

What was more amusing was figuring out how to clear enough space for the washing machine to get carried out. If you've ever been to the Sietch or have at least seen photos of our place, then you'd know that we have a LOT of stuff and very little space. Thankfully, I had thought about how I was going to move things aside during one of my walks earlier in the week, and executing that plan this morning brought to mind how Fort Kerium would transform in the old BraveStarr. This process wasn't quite as elaborate, but maybe it was a wee bit close. At least I didn't make any transformation noises while I worked through it.

In other news, the Meet the Queens video for Drag Race Philippines Season 3 is out and we have two active O Divas and two former O Bar queens on the roster, which is pretty cool. We're going to root particularly hard for Bench and Maxie for sure, but the cast as a whole is pretty interesting. As always, it's going to be a pretty good race no matter how badly production handles things (as is often the case with this show).

Just one more workday until the weekend.