02D39: Short Update

Wednesday - Squid and Sayote

I generally understood why my right arm was aching after the weekend because recording all of the performances during a big O Bar event night, like Pride really, demands a lot from me. We got a massage on Monday night and that helped a lot, but beyond that I tried to ease off using that arm too much. This morning I woke up with my left arm/shoulder feeling sore, so I guess I slept on it wrong maybe? I don't quite know what happened there as I don't really sleep on my side precisely because it's uncomfortable for me. It feels a bit worse than my right did, which is a lot of fun. Hopefully, it passes sooner rather than later - but I am taking ibuprofen to help ease things a bit.

I finished reading Husband Material last night and it was quite the satisfying experience. The ending was different than expected, and that worked out even as a rom-com narrative. I've already started reading another book by the same author - 10 Things That Never Happened, and I have high hopes for it. My enjoyment of Alexis Hall's writing isn't enough to have me drafting my "big novel", but I am trying variations of different "scenes" in my head. So maybe that's a start. 

There are clothes that need folding and dishes that need washing. Let's try to settle some stuff before bed. Then hopefully my arms feel better come morning.