02D16: Zooming Through Another Workweek


Wednesday - Yong Tau Foo

Today - heck the workweek thus far - has felt very productive. There are a lot of things in motion and a lot of important submissions, but we're getting through things well enough. I'm also taking advantage of the fact that I'm physically here so I've been able to catch up with members of the team here and I've even been conducting interviews in person for a change. Such an interesting shift in things.

And just like that, we're at the middle of the week again. Happy hump day, and all.

Aside: I'm really excited about our new Garmin fitness trackersour new Garmin fitness trackers. I'm kinda annoyed at myself for ordering them via my return flight to Manila as that means over a week before I can even hold them, what more actually use them. Another part of my brain argues that I should have waited for 6.6 deals to see how that would go. But really, I know it's still the smartest option as 6.6 would have been too close to my flight for me to order anything, making the effort to wait for a theoretically "better" deal rather moot. At least the devices have been secured -  I just need to wait until then. 

I'm going to cut things short rather than delay and try to wrack my brain trying to think of what else I can safely write about for today's most. The weekend is going to much more eventful for sure - for now I'm just going to take it easy. And while it's not easy to process O Bar videos without the benefit of playing them back and using Google Search on my phone to identify songs I'm not familiar with, it turns out I have a LOT of raw O Bar photo albums (that also have the raw videos) that I still haven't processed.

Fun things I can do in relative silence as the nephews are asleep and that is a GIFT.