02D07: Looking for O Bar Adventurers

Tuesday - Mushroom Pasta

Since I'm flying to Singapore next week, I'm kinda hoping to go to O Bar this weekend as a bit of a sendoff. I've already talked about how O Bar before a flight is a bit of a requirement for me, especially for a longer trip. I don't really indulge in the queer scene in Singapore so I'd rather celebrate here first and then celebrate again upon my return. 

But similar to last week, we can't quite seem to assemble a full table for O Bar as most of our regular O Bar friends (for lack of a better term) aren't available for one reason or another. Without a full group, we'd either have to take a smaller table or maybe try to join someone else's table - and both sound like rather unpalatable options for us. If we can't assemble a group, we're more likely to just stay home on Friday and I'll just have to content myself with last Saturday's O Bar event night as my pre-flight O Bar night as well.

I know this sounds like a non-problem (which it probably is), but this is still important to me. I'll be away for just over two weeks, so my next O Bar night will mostly be around mid-June. Ugh. 

Beyond that, tomorrow is my last proper working day because I'll be taking a seminar on Thursday and Friday. It's a Zoom-based thing, so I really shouldn't stress over it too much. However, the course is still scheduled to take up the whole of both days, so that's seriously going to get in the way of things for me at work. Ideally, I should clear all of my pending items by tomorrow. However, I recognize that there are still a lot of things pending and we tend to get distracted by more immediate things as they come along. But hey, we all tackle the elephants in our work lives one bite at a time. 

But seriously, if you want to join us at O Bar this Friday, give us a holler.