02D0A: Friday Stuff

Friday - Quick Lunch

The second day of our seminar was a lot more challenging to get through - primarily because the speaker felt rather disengaged plus he had a cold. There was no doubt that he was knowledgeable about the subject matter, but it was still a largely one-way conversation with the speaker mainly reading directly off the slides. Maybe this is how things go for these regular seminars where most of the attendees are after the certificate or just need to check a box that they attended. Maybe we just caught him on a bad day. It was just rather disappointing.

In light news, we'll be going to O Bar night despite the challenges of assembling a table this week. It's a group consisting entirely of people we've never had at the table including a number we haven't met in person. But we'll make it work. O Bar is O Bar and perhaps the miracle of drag will expect to make our night even more awesome. 

The weather has finally begun to turn and we have a rather overcast night. I hope that this will mean things are comfortably cooler without being too wet. There was a spot of rain earlier but it's quiet again now. I just want things to stay calm at least while we're at O Bar then we'll go with that. 

Happy weekend, everyone.