02D03: Laptop Admittance

Friday - Sietch Dinner

So I brought my laptop to the service center today and they'll need a few days to figure out what's going on. The tech didn't give me any initial speculations of what the trouble may be but it definitely sounds like a hardware issue. 

I had steeled myself to work without a laptop for a few days as I didn't want the company to buy a new unit just yet. But that also would have been a nightmare (I actually conducted one candidate interview with my phone, which was WEIRD) - too many job junctions make a lot more sense at a computer. Thankfully, we had a spare unit available, so I had that shipped over just so that I'd have something to work with. I didn't have time to fully reset it, so I just added a new profile and got set up in time for another interview.

I really hope they can fix it. There were some concerns that that machine was sourced in Singapore and they may not have the necessary parts for it based on how the supply chain works. I still surrendered the machine in the hopes of them figuring it out. At they very least, they should be able to determine what's wrong and try to do something about it. If they don't have the parts available here, I'll probably just get a smaller keyboard to supplement my setup, then try to get it repaired during my Singapore trip at the end of this month.

Let's just all be glad that we made it to the end of the week. I hope you all have a great weekend ahead.