02D02: Individual Keys Revolt

Thursday - From the Moon Board Game

I'm going to try to get my laptop looked at tomorrow given the how a few keys like O, P, and my Delete button all aren't working for one reason or another. I'm steeling myself to not have my laptop for a while, but I hope it's not too big an issue and maybe it can be addressed somewhat quickly. Fingers crossed and all. I've gone through various troubleshooting steps on my own and it looks like I really need professional help.

I'm not sure how I'll operate without a laptop I'd they ask to keep the unit longer in order to better diagnose it. This is very likely and I expect to need to test how long I can operate off my phone or something. That's okay for my personal stuff but work is another story. I'm trying not to think about it too much with the weekend right around the corner. There are better things to think about and all that.

There is just so much going on and I really need a fully functioning laptop. I could just use an external keyboard, but I worry that what's an annoying error may be the beginning of a larger issue. And I really do seem to work through laptops year after year. I don't think I type THAT hard, right?

Speaking off, I'm also reminded that I have built up a small collection of non-working laptops over the years. I really should just find one of these ewaste caravans to safely dispose of these devices.

Modern problems.