02CEC: Heavy Docket

Thursday - Side Dishes

One more day left in this workweek and the weekend can't come soon enough. 

Over the past few days, I've conducted 7 initial interviews and 2 second interviews as part of an ongoing hiring effort. This still falls under my responsibilities since I have oversight over operations, but it's definitely not my typical day-to-day work routine. It's a significant investment in time, but still a worthwhile effort of course. And being able to talk to so many candidates is quite an invigorating experience in itself. We can't hire everyone, but I hope that we still leave a positive impression on every person we get to meet throughout this process.

I would like to cook better meals again, but I think I'll remain just about as busy for a while. As always, there's a lot going on at work and we need to make sure things keep moving. But I'm glad that I went through my banchan experiment this week - it has been a huge time-saver to have some side dishes prepared to enhance other meals. Thus even some ready-to-eat food options become a lot better with the help of the additional variety at the table.

For now, we get through Friday and then look forward to all the fun stuff that the weekend will bring. One day more...and all that.